Rainbow Groovy Girl

About The Rainbow Groovy Girl Show

Would you like Rainbow Groovy girl to come to your next Christmas party or school disco? Rainbow Groovy Girl live dance show – Dancing entertainer “Rainbow Groovy Girl” is an on stage performer who loves to dance and get others motivated and having FUN!! She will have you laughing, dancing, and most of all, entertained! Rainbow Groovy Girl invites kids up on stage so that they are involved with the show and this interaction will help them learn some new groovy moves, as well as gaining confidence. Rainbow Groovy Girl will inspire participants to have Fun, be active, and enjoy learning some groovy dance moves to share with their friends. Rainbow Groovy Girl is available for school discos, corporate events, weddings, charities, birthdays and more…. 

Rainbow Groovy Girl is a character of my own invention. She was inspired by a conversation I had with my daughter when she was four years old, who whenever asked what her favorite colour was, would reply differently. Each week it was a different colour! In fact, she insisted that she loved all the colours of the rainbow all together at the same time. ‘Why can’t you be a rainbow coloured character?’ She asked. “Rainbow Groovy Girl” was my response to that special request.

Who Is Rainbow Groovy Girl?

Rainbow Groovy Girl is also a reflection of my own personality. She is bright, fun and full of life! Dancing is her thing and she always encourages people to join her. She is a very bubbly character who loves playing games and dancing to the latest music hits! She is a very cool, down to earth kind of girl who loves making new friends and making people laugh. She has a genuine love of children and enjoys their company.

Suitable Age Groups

Rainbow Groovy Girl suits the 6 -10 age group, but can be adjusted for the 3 – 5 age group too.

Show Duration & Pricing

  • Performance goes for 35 minutes.
  • $280.00 plus travel surcharge.
  • Entertaining children from ages 3 – 12 years.

So if you want to add some FUN to your upcoming special event, be Groovy and invite Rainbow Groovy Girl along!!!!